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Registering Travel with International SOS MyTrips

Register your trip—even if you consider your destination safe—for peace of mind and expedited access to critical resources.

Accidents, natural disasters, and security incidents happen everywhere. When incidents occur abroad, we proactively contact registered Harvard affiliates in the area to confirm your wellbeing and offer medical or security assistance through International SOS. You'll receive an email, SMS, and/or text-to-voice call depending on your contact preferences in your International SOS MyTrips profile.

Registration is required for students traveling with Harvard sponsorship and strongly recommended for faculty and staff.

2 Ways to Register an Individual Trip

The first time you use MyTrips, you need to create your profile. Add your Harvard ID, status, affiliation, contact information, and emergency contact information. You can add up to three email addresses to your profile.

No matter which way you choose to register your trip, it's incredibly important to update your information if it changes so that we focus our efforts appropriately during an emergency. 

Option 1: Email Forwarding

Once you've created your MyTrips profile, simply forward your reservation confirmation email(s) for your flight, lodging, and ground transit to

The first name, last name, and email address on your reservation confirmation must match what you've listed in your MyTrips profile.

It may take a few minutes for your forwarded itinerary to appear in MyTrips and in the Assistance App. You'll receive an email indicating if it was successful or if you need to provide more information.  

Option 2: Manual Entry

Log in to your MyTrips account and create a new trip. Enter your trip details, including your flight(s), lodging, and ground transportation. Then click "Save".

No flights or lodging booked yet? You can still register your tentative dates and location. In the tab labeled "Add Accommodation," enter the following information:

  • Estimated arrival date in the "check-in" field
  • Estimated departure date in the "check-out" field
  • Destination city and country in the "name" and "address" fields

Then click "Save." You don't need to enter information for the other tabs. Once you've booked your flights and lodging, you can log back in to MyTrips and update your information manually.

How To Register a Group

If you’re registering a group of Harvard travelers, you can do so in bulk by using the travel import worksheet.

How to Register on behalf of an Individual

If you're a Harvard employee registering on behalf of another faculty or staff member, follow the instructions for using the travel import worksheet.

Or, if you're registering a spouse, dependent, or other individual who does not have a Harvard email address, contact us first at +1-617-495-1111. Once you've talked with us, you can follow the instructions for using the travel import worksheet.

Register with Your Embassy

After registering with International SOS MyTrips, you're strongly encouraged to register with the embassy of your country of citizenship.

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